Estate Planning

BridgeBuilder is unlike any "traditional" estate planning practice.

Where other estate planning firms offer transactions and information, we act as a trusted advisor for our clients, delivering wisdom and vision for their planning.

We help perpetuate your material wealth (avoiding taxes, passing assets, and so on), but we also help you "build a bridge" to the next generation of your family.

Traditional estate planning does a great job of protecting assets, but doesn't focus on preparing the heirs to receive their inheritance. At our firm, we believe in providing comprehensive planning and guidance across all stages of the process, so that all parties are ready and prepared to deal with changes in their net-worth. To arrange a free consultation, contact us today. We serve clients throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area.

A Deep Focus On Family

At our firm, our legacy planning is focused on values and vision. We put the family at the center of the process by focusing on the 3 dimensions of family wealth:

  • Financial (what you own),
  • Human (who you are), and
  • Intellectual (what you know).

By paying attention to all aspects of your wealth, we help you create a plan which:

  • Addresses what is truly important to you,
  • Avoids significant fees and expenses for your loved ones,
  • Provides strong protection for your beneficiaries,
  • Stays up-to-date with changes over time, and
  • Will be fully executed and fully understood by you and your heirs.

In the end, it's about leaving the legacy you want for your family.

We do so by providing comprehensive guidance, including drafting wills, trusts (both revocable and irrevocable, and power of attorney. We frequently meet with professionals and experts to determine the best course of action for your circumstances and for your long term outlook. When necessary, we also help clients with their complex estate planning needs as well.

Place Your Business In A Position To Succeed

Our lawyers and CPAs are focused on helping your business grow and operate as smoothly as possible. With an office in Lenexa, and serving clients across the Kansas City metropolitan area, we offer free consultations. Call us at 913-492-6008 or use the online form to speak with our team today.