Putting Clients On The Path To Creating A Successful Business

For many entrepreneurs, individuals and families interested in starting a business, the first step is often the most important one: determining the right formation plan to place you in a successful position.

At BridgeBuilder, our team of attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs) have provided residents across the Kansas City metropolitan area with smart, actionable business startup advice. Whether you are interested in starting a new entity or taking your existing business to the next level, BridgeBuilder can help you mitigate risks and plan for the future.

Planning For Your Future, Accounting For The Present

With a team of lawyers and CPAs at your side, we can assist you with all the legal and tax aspects of business formation, including:

  • Providing guidance on selecting the type of new entity. We help you calculate your personal liability while accounting for the right tax exposure to determine whether you will best be served by a limited liability company (LLC), a partnership or a different type of entity.
  • Drafting and executing shareholder agreements and other essential documents, including employment agreements.
  • Conducting due diligence for completing government filings and other documents.
  • Managing and assisting with the acquisition of new businesses, as well as selling an existing business.
  • Providing tax planning and tax return guidance.

With an experienced group of professionals, we can answer your questions as you strive to create and grow a successful business.

Start Planning Today

To begin planning for your business formation, call us at 913-492-6008 or use the online form to speak with our team today.