Helping You Build And Protect Your Legacy

We bring together lawyers, certified public accountants (CPAs) and other professionals to provide complete and comprehensive assistance to businesses and high-net worth individuals.

As a business owner or entrepreneur you have tax planning and day-to-day legal needs unlike anyone else — needs that simply can’t be met by a typical accounting firm or law firm. That’s why our practice consists of both CPAs and attorneys who concentrate on tax law, business law, estate planning, and asset protection.

Beyond taxes, you need a sophisticated asset protection plan in place, so that your wealth is protected from the unexpected or unpredictable risks.

Finally, you need personalized, comprehensive estate planning to ensure that

  • Your plans address what is truly important to you
  • Your business and your family continue operating smoothly and
  • Your beneficiaries avoid unnecessary taxes, fees and expenses

We excel in helping clients with complex wealth strategy needs get the exact solution they require. If you’re looking for a trusted advisor for your financial situation, BridgeBuilder can help.

Tax Law

We help private corporations and entrepreneurs manage their tax obligations responsibly.

Tax Planning and Compliance

At BridgeBuilder, our priority is to advance our clients’ objectives of protecting and perpetuating wealth while managing their tax obligations responsibly.

Business Law

We help entrepreneurs, family businesses and privately held companies in many tax and legal areas.

Business Transaction Services

We provide a one stop shop for clients’ transactional business needs, from start up through disposition.

Estate Planning & Probate

Our legacy planning is focused on values and vision. We put the family at the center of the process.

Focus on Family

Where other estate planning firms offer cookie cutter documentation, we act as a trusted advisor for our clients, delivering customized solutions to fit each client’s individual needs.

Asset Protection

We help you protect your assets against potential litigation, judgments and other actions.

Safeguard Your Assets

At BridgeBuilder, we strive to protect clients from frivolous lawsuits, judgments, fraud and other threats to their assets and wealth.

Start Planning For Your Future Today

You need a team of wealth strategists on your side — one that can help reduce your tax liability and make sure you leave a lasting legacy. Our group of lawyers and CPAs will help you plan for your corporate future. With an office in Lenexa, we serve clients across Kansas City. Call 913-492-6008 to schedule a consultation or use our online form.

The Bridge Builder

Our name comes from a turn of the century poem by Will Allen Dromgoole, about building a bridge that “spans the tide.” At our firm, our focus is simple: to create and grow a tax and estate planning practice that would guide families from generation to generation, helping each to build a bridge to the next. Our aim is to help families leave a lasting, tangible legacy, by providing services to protect wealth and grow closely held businesses. By bringing together experienced, qualified lawyers and CPAs, we hope to provide quality, sophisticated services to help families achieve their goals.