Protecting Your Assets From Litigation, Fraud And More

For many entrepreneurs and business owners, creating a successful business and a lasting legacy is the end goal. However, it’s extremely important to plan for the protection of assets, as well. More and more, businesses and individuals are placed at risk of losing their life’s work and wealth. At BridgeBuilder, we strive to protect clients from frivolous lawsuits, judgments, divorce settlements, fraud, and other threats to their assets and wealth. With a team of attorneys and CPAs., we have helped small businesses, professionals, and property owners across the Kansas City metropolitan area with crafting sound, creative strategies to protect their assets.

Common asset protection services we provide:

  • Domestic Asset Protection Trusts
  • Foreign Asset Protection Trusts
  • Asset Protection Entities
  • Qualified Spousal Trusts (QSTs)

Safeguard Your Assets

Even a frivolous or groundless lawsuit can cost you significant time and money. At BridgeBuilder, we can help you devise ways to be protected from assaults on your assets, whether through judgments, lawsuits or other means.

In particular, BridgeBuilder has developed a significant and fundamental approach to addressing all the asset protection concerns of our clients — AssetPRO. AssetPRO utilizes six phases to lower the client’s financial profile plus create the necessary obstacles for creditors that increase the likelihood of settling a suit.

We assist clients involved in creditor lawsuits by providing an eye toward lasting, long-term solutions that minimize exposure and liability.

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