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Choosing the right person to manage your life insurance trust

Trusts are valuable estate-planning tools for many Kansas residents. In fact, you may be considering creating one in which to put your life insurance policy. This makes it easier for you to determine how to distribute the proceeds to your beneficiaries after your death.

The three most common estate planning mistakes

Putting together an estate plan is an obstacle for many families. First, you may not know where to begin. Second, you may not know where to go once you start; and, third, you're afraid of making mistakes that could affect lifelong assets and valuable property. All of these concerns are valid, and estate planning attorneys are available to address them with you and your family.

End-Of-Life Care Plans Communicate Your Wishes To Loved Ones

Most people have a disconnect between thinking about their later years and actually taking action, especially when it comes to estate planning and health care directives. Maybe it's a fear of mortality and maybe it's uncertainty about medical treatments. Regardless of the reason, the fact is that most Americans don't have a defined plan to get them through their end of life years.

How to name beneficiaries in an estate plan

Even if you don't already have an estate plan, you have probably thought about how you would want to pass on your property and assets. Turning these wishes into reality requires a careful legal process. How are these steps taken and what should people who want to pass on part of their estate know about their role in the process?

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